Tuesday, October 7, 2014

new york, city of dreams + magic : a novel.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

People say New York is too full, too dirty and too mean. I think they're wrong, whoever those people are. I will live here someday, I'll let you know the truth then. For now, I'll stick to believing that New York is the city of dreams.

Way back in October (seems like a week ago) gustavo and I visited this city again. We stayed with a friend and slept in a little living room in a little apartment and it was perfect. Here are a few pictures I snapped while we were adventuring our way through the city.

Our first night in New York we had tickets to the "secret" Arcade Fire aka The Reflektors show in Brooklyn! It was a dress up in costume concert, so extra fun! We saw them at the Capitol Records show in LA, a few weeks later. I don't know how we got so lucky, okay now I'm bragging. Sawwy!! 

October 21st was our 9 year anniversary (WOW!!!) and gustavo planned a big day of traveling the city. We visited museums and ate hot dogs in Central Park and walked and walked and walked. gustavo said that there was a "coffee shop" he wanted to take me to in Brooklyn, so we took the metro and walked a little more until we walked right into the Wythe Hotel - Ah! It is the cutest hotel my eyes have ever seen! 

Our room was AMAZING, we had a window instead of a wall facing out into Manhattan. Speakers on the roof and did I mention how cute it was? I was a happy camper. 

We then had dinner plans at Battersby for our anniversary, it was so so delicious. They even brought us a little plate that said "Happy Anniversary" in chocolate and complimentary champagne! After dinner we walked down to the Brooklyn Promenade and enjoyed the city lights of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge. 

We approached this circle of candles and he brought me into the middle and said, "do you know what is about to happen" and he got down on one knee and proposed. I think I was in shock because I don't really remember anything else. 

We walked back to our cute hotel wide eyed and excited for our future. We ended up carving our names and the date on a wet cemented street that was blocked off, like little criminals. We stopped by a liquor store and bought a bottle of champagne and spent the night celebrating, drinking at the rooftop bar and dancing in our hotel room.

The next morning we had coffee and orange juice delivered to our room and soaked in the view from our window. It was magical.

well, this is life.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I accidentally stopped blogging again, sawwwy. It feels like I took a deep breath in July and just started exhaling, slowly and suddenly it's October. Fall is my favorite, so I'm welcoming this month with a big grandpa sweater hug. 

I was promoted in July, so that might be where all my time is going. I'm super excited I'm moving up and the entertainment business is an exciting business to be in, that said, it's tough as nails. I think that's a saying. Anyway, I feel like a little kid that is still trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up, except I have a lot less time to decide. Gotta get it together! 

My friends and I went to FYF at the end of August and it was the most amazing festival. I don't think I took a single picture but had the time of my life. I think I'll find a few instagram / iphone photos of highlights from the last few months, ya know just so you're caught up with my life. 

Found a new favorite brunch place downtown, KTCHN

Went camping for the first time as an adult aaaaand I must say, it was very relaxing. Dancing in the mountains with your friends is a lot of fun. Drinking on a boat in the middle of the lake ain't bad either!

Hanging out at the beach gypsy tent style.

Vegas trip with friends! We stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget and swam in the pool with the shark tank, pretty scary.

STUMPTOWN is now in LA!!!

We saw Vampire Weekend with Beirut and The XX at the Hollywood Bowl. This is what we saw from the cheap seats.

That's the short version. I'm still head over heels for this city, but a big part of me is craving New York. I'll at least satisfy my craving with a visit to NY this weekend, eeek I'm pretty excited about that!

f r e e s p i r i t

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I accidentally stopped blogging for a long time, oops. I hate when I do that. Well, it's July now. I'm not even sure that June happened, after May it went straight to July! Someone should tell the universe to slow down.

My friends and I took another trip to Mexico, that was Memorial day weekend (in MAY)! I have lots of pictures to share so I'll try not to disappear again. What have you all been up to? I've missed the blogging community. I hope everyone has a FUN 4th of July, YAY for fireworks lighting up the sky! 

Here are peeektures from my Mexico trip from my film camera! I'm hardly in any of the pictures, I'm usually the one behind the camera & I like it that way. 

(OMG at this wall/door - here's an awkward one of me woo)

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