thanks kjfuchi

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am currently sitting in Gustavo's apartment in Westwood frantically taking advantage of the "kjfuchi" free wifi that randomly pops up every night until 11pm, weird, but thankful for it.
Let's see what have I been doing lately... ?
Spending lots of time with Alexia, which is always a great adventure.

Gustavo and I hung out in Silver Lake the other day after class, touring cafe's. We studied at La Mill for a bit until it got awkward and we felt we had to either order another $6 teacup size latte or get out. So we headed to Intelligencia where they have the best coffee in LA, no joke! And they make pretty leaves in my latte, I like that. 

I have a new photo editing software, Aperture which I've been spending a lot of time testing out, so far I like. It's almost 11pm and the mysterious kjfuchi wifi will disappear, so I better start ending this blog. I have my final at 6pm tomorrow, wish me luck. Until next time, ♥
More pictures at my flickr account, and believe me, there's more! I may need to upgrade my account! FLICKR PICSS


  1. aww this was cute! your drink looks soo goood :)
    i cant wait for sunday now! adventureee.

  2. Ah I was so excited to see a comment hahaha!
    Yes, adventure for sure! Can't wait.


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