Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Still LOVING Charlene, my new (but very old) film Canon camera, can't believe I got such a good deal!
Yesterday was another day of class at UCLA, but I brought Alexia along for entertainment. She is very entertaining, just like a comedian if you ask me :)
After class we drove down Beverly and made a little stop at TENOVERSIX, which was a good idea because we got to meet Lisa from Castledoor, and bad idea because I am still thinking about some shoes that caught my eye. It was a "berrryberrry" good day, very somber reminder that my favorite band is no more but exciting that new things will come for sure.
I love LA, I'm pretty sure I say this in every post, but I think I just have a romanticized idea of it and I'm okay with that.
Here's some highlights from our day, my favorite is Alexia with Lisa's cat Coop ha! So cute.

That's all for now ♥ until next time!


  1. i'm so mad that my arm looks like i survived a fire! but fun day :)


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