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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's finally fall and I can order my favorite pumpkin spice latte or they have a pumpkin creme latte at Borders, I definitely recommend. I can wear my favorite cardigans and coats and add tights to my dresses, I think I like this season. I am at this moment eating dinner and waiting for Glee to come on...speaking of Glee, I visited Gustavo in LA this past weekend and we went to our church Reality LA on Sunday and they were getting ready to film Glee! I was pretty excited about that. ABC Dateline was also there I think they're going to be doing a special on Reality LA, which is pretty awesome. Hopefully, we'll be on TV!

After church we went to Amoeba Records and looked around for some good $1 records. I could spend a whole day in that store! They had $2 movies, and I didn't have time to look through them! Movie sales are my weakness.

I found this little treasure downtown at a trading company, a vintage Fendi bag, how was this even still there? It was super cheap too! Ah, so excited about this one.

That's all for now, thank youu readers! 


  1. aw i love this :)
    ah, so truee, you cannot resist movie sales! send me eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! and i realllly love your fendi bag!

  2. I love the photos - your loafers are too cute.
    And ohhh yummmm I love pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks - delish! I wish they had them here where I live xx


  3. glee!! wait. i'm confused, they film glee at your church?

    i'm stoked for fall. seriously. i cannot wait for it to start getting colder & rainy : )

    awesome photos!!

  4. Hahaa a stalker picture! Wow I can't believe you found that Fendi purse! It's gorgeous! I love designer handbags. And that military jacket/coat is fab, I got one at Zara today because they have so many nice things at the moment (see here http://cafebellini.blogspot.com/2010/10/i-must-go-to-zara.html ), I think i'll show it on my blog soon :-)

  5. beautiful pics. Love the bag.xx


  6. i was reading someone's blog when i eventually saw your photo in the follower comment , clicked on it and found you

    first of all i adores all your photos , i love the vintage touch and colors on it

    i love pumpkins but have never try pumpkin spice latte lol i am wondering what it taste like

    anyway i am Jasmine from Malaysia

    pleasure to know you :)


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