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Monday, November 29, 2010

It has been too too long since I've written. I have had too too many readings and papers for school that when I get a little free time the last thing I want to do is write, so that is my excuse :) I hope everyone had a really amazing Thanksgiving weekend, I have turkey to last me... well for a few more days I've been eating turkey for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And PIE, pumpkin pie every night during November is a must, with extra whip cream.

I have spent a lot of time in LA recently visiting my boyfriend and friends. A few weekends ago we spent the day at a little coffee shop and then ended the afternoon at Venice beach walking around, enjoying the crazies, watching people roller blade and dance. Sunday we went to church and for brunch we were able to get "swiped" in for UCLA dining hall food. Later Sunday afternoon we went to the Getty Villa in Malibu and wandered around the great museum, educating ourselves and getting in trouble with "security" for taking pictures. While we were leaving we were passing by the beach and the sun was barely beginning to fall into the ocean, so we pulled over, got out and sat in the sand admiring Gods work. 

Their sweaters are too cute! Right? 
I'm not in most of these, I was the photographer. There is one of me and my love but it turned out blurry, that's what happens when you let an unexperienced film photographer behind the lens. Just kidding, I think its ART.  

We went to the Downtown Library for the first time recently and I was amazed first, at how beautiful the architecture is and second, how HUGE the place is. I stood in line, opened up a library card and checked out a book. I am a happy girl. Until I have late fees for not returning the books....

I almost forgot... We celebrated Gustavo's 21st finally!!! It was very exciting. We went to go see The Rocket Summer play at the Troubadour, our favorite band, so it was awesome blossom with extra awesome. Miley Cyrus was there, apparently she is a fan of TRS too, cool.

School is almost over & Christmas will be here soon.
Hopefully that means more pie. 


  1. YOU have such a lovely life!

    looks like a lot of 'art' pictures towards the endd..

    loove youuu.

  2. Beautiful shots--love the high saturation. xo

  3. ummm. HAPPY FREAKIN BIRTHDAY tibbiee ♥

    i love youuu.

  4. hello!! what beautiful photos! everyone seems like they would be awesome friends : ) so fun.

    p.s. you & gustavo are adorable together : )

  5. oh! & looks like happy birthday too!

  6. Just perfect! I love your blog. And your photos are so beautifuls. With what software you retouch your photos? :) Thank you.

  7. the rocket summer? i love him. so talented!

  8. even though I am not religious...I think its adorable that you go to church (with your friends?) and not afraid to put it out there..idk i just had to comment.....because a lot of young people especially who do care about religion sometimes are ashamed to admit it in front of their peers

  9. great pictures! just came across your blog and love it :)

  10. These photos are so beautiful! I love the first pic and the second sunset one :)


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