Monday, September 26, 2011

It's my second week back at work since my NY trip which I still have to share with youu! It was my first time in that great big city and I loved it. Everything about it, at least as an outsider looking in, I loved it. Maybe one day the boy and I will pack up our things and try and become new yorkers, who knows!

On another note, Alexia is one of my favorite people and here she is being cool and junk. :) 

Have a wonderful first week of fall. 


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  2. Once upon a time you would've had a lot of comments my love...don't worry I'll always be here to comment :) I <3 you!

  3. Alexa seems to look like fun loving loving her head band

  4. i totally thought i commented on this! anyways, i can't believe you went to new york! how cool! please blog about it all soon : ) can't wait to read.
    p.s. love the feathers!

  5. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog, and i hope you enjoyed my post..... anyways... I like your's too, and the last photo is just interesting! <3, follow me eh!


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