let the leaves fall

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I've been telling myself, that I'm going to blog and be the best blogger I can be, so great in fact, that they would give me a big gold star. I am however, very terrible at this and deserve no stars. 
But hey, I'm trying. Or at least I am going to begin trying. Starting now, at this moment. 

Above are a few photographs I took a few months ago of my dear friend Amy Van Voy. She is beautiful in so many ways! I only wish I could photograph her more. 

So there's that, for now. I promise I'll do more, and more often. 


  1. These Pictures are innovative, attention garbing and artistic!! Simply loved the second last and last picture!! Keep Coming Good Work from Your Side!!

  2. yess!! more blogging from carissa!! : ) hehe. i've missed your posts. keep them coming.

  3. that first photo is dreamy. I think you should get a gold star for it :)


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