california winter

Friday, January 25, 2013

As all of Los Angeles is complaining about the rain, I dream of these rainy days. Staying inside and watching Audrey Hepburn movies and drinking tea, who could want anything more? Not me! 

1642 is one of my favorite bars in LA. Wow,  I almost didn't want to tell you guys that, it's just too good to keep to myself. 

All I have today is rainy day iphone pictures. 

Christopher Owens solo debut album Lysandre just came out and it is amazing! I wasn't sure how I would feel about Christopher Owens post Girls, but he's a lyrical genius so he can do no wrong in my eyes. 


  1. I like these photos! I spent last night drinking tea and watching "Sabrina."

    Kate from Clear the Way

  2. i seriously love this post. probably because you called your photos "rainy day iphone pictures" : ) you need to take me to all your favorite places if we ever do get to meet! let me rephrase that to WHEN we get to meet :D keep up the coolness!

  3. i love you and Christopher owens. i was two hops away from buying his alum at fingerprints yesterday, but i didnt...

  4. Such gorgeous photos! I just found your cute blog! I'm a new follower. Hope you'll stop by sometime!



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