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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yesterday was a beautiful sunday, I woke up around 6:30am to prepare for a photoshoot/thrift shopping day in L.A. with Frida and Alexia, but little did we know what God had in store for us. To be honest, we were supposed to go to church in the morning but were about a half hour late and I said "If anyone is still up for church say Aye" and I only heard silence, (which is highly unusual), but we were already late and kinda hungry so we drove to Angela's Park and spent some time sitting on the bench under the shady trees and blue sky with a portrait of architecture at it's best painted before us.  We took a bunch of photos there, and complained about the lighting, and then decided to search for food.

We found a little market that looked like Mexico, there were pigeons and hay scattered everywhere and a lot of staring eyes, so we decided to walk a little further. And HEY wouldn't you know it, a sign for El Polo Loco, yum. We didn't eat El Polo Loco, or the connected Carl Jr. but rather the connected Sbarro Pizza, yum! I mean there was a deal, two slices (which equates to about 4 little caesar slices) and a drink for $5.99 (plus tax), who could resist such an offer, not us. We took our two slices and a drink and sat in front of a large window with a little bar type table and red stools, we ate and couldn't finish the last, what would have been fourth slice of pizza. 

All of a sudden, a little African American/Cuban man was on the other side of the window pointing at our left overs. We quickly gathered the left over pizza and crust onto one plate and took Alexia's drink to give to the hungry man. I walked out alone to give him the food, but he wanted more, he wanted money. Of course he wants money, I thought, I told him I had no cash (which was true) and then he pointed to the two lovely girls sitting inside who were watching him and I with curious eyes. He told me, "Go back in there and put your three heads together and I know you'll think of something, I know you will. God has brought me to you". I told him I would, but that I will feel bad if I come out empty handed, he told me, "It's okay, just try". I told him that God would provide for his needs, you know that generic, yet "witnessy" thing that you say to the homeless when you don't want to or can't give them money. Yes, God would provide for his needs, absolutely and he would also teach three girls how much God loves them and wants to use them through this homeless man. 

His name is David, he told us a lot about himself. We gathered glimpses of his life, in his happiest moments, getting a bike for christmas that he and his mom saved up for for two years, in his moments of learning valuable life lesson, his mom giving his bike to the neighbor next door because the boy next door didn't have one. His weird (to us) moments, "When I was a Queen in Las Vegas I was famous"... wait he was a drag queen? Yes. Wait, did he say "lover and refer to a man", so he's gay? Yes. 
His darkest moments, seeing his lover kill himself. And in the present moments of sleeping in the cold with no blanket or shelter and praying that the sun would shine upon him when he woke up. 
David brought everything he said back to one thing always, God. "It is because of God, that I am here, on this street, pointing in this window, with three beautiful girls who are Christians, who happen to have six dollars". David is diabetic and needed insulin, but he needed $8, we only had $6 but it was more than he had received in two days in all of the asking he was doing. Yet when he stopped and prayed for God to provide, he did. 

David taught me a lot about prayer, to be fervent, to really seek Jesus, to fall on your knees and seek Him. He answers when we call, when his children cry, He comforts, He provides. He loves us so much, we are his children and our brothers and sisters are out there hurting, they are cold and hungry and we pass by them pretending not to notice. I do at least, my heart has grown hard, when it used to be so big, I would cry every time I would see a homeless person. What can I do? I have been so selfish, so lost and wrapped up in myself and the world to even stop and think about what God wants to do with my life. I used to pray everyday that God would use me, He wants to. He wants to use all of us, every minute of every day. I want to give that, all of me, all the time. 
David said, that people think that they can find God in nature, but they're wrong you can find God in people. Everyday we interact with each other we get little glimpses of who God is, His spirit is alive and everywhere. 

"If you look up into the blue sky, you can see the tracts of Jesus"

Jesus is coming soon. Who do I want to be, someone that leads people to Christ, do I want to be Jesus to others? YES, God yes, I do. That's what I want for my life. 

Frida said that David answered one of her prayers. Man, God you blow me away at how awesome You are. David was so incredibly encouraging to all of us, and God spoke through him to speak to me about how I was living my life, He used David to open my eyes. He said, "let's pray!" so all four us linked our already made circle together with our hands and David turned toward Frida and said, "why don't you pray you've been quiet!" Of course our little Frida is shy (and had already prayed for our lunch) which was her excuse, but David turned toward her and looked straight into her big brown eyes and told her that she was going to lead many to Jesus and she would, with confidence lead other women in her church. He then turned toward Alexia and looked into her watery eyes and told her that he knew she would do the same, she had a strength to her that God would use. He told us the importance of prayer and how God wants to use us through prayer and a whole bunch of other really encouraging things that are kept away in my heart forever, David finished happily with, "I'll pray!" And he did. He told us one more story before he left and that was the story of when his mom passed away, and how she would always say "see you then" not goodbye. One day she said, "see you then" before dropping David off at school and when he got home from school she had passed away on the couch. "See you then" is see you in Heaven. He was teary eyed after telling the story and we gave each other hugs and said, "see you then". 

We walked back to where we were eating on the other side of the window and cried. 
We then ran after him to take a few pictures, so we could always remember. David told us, "keep me in your hearts, take me with you". I will, I think forever. He was an angel in disguise I think. (Minus the gay and the drag queen thing).  
We walked away with our spirits lifted, God in our mist, in our hearts and a sudden joy that only comes from Jesus. 


  1. this was beautiful. i cry every time i remember him! ♥

  2. Are the first couple of pictures in the same spot where some of 500 days of summer was filmed?
    It looks really similar if it isn't.

    Lovely blog hun


  3. Thank youu, it is the same park that was in 500 days of summer, so pretty and peaceful!


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