another saturday night in the city

Saturday, October 30, 2010

What a week it has been, I can't believe it is Halloween already! Fall is flying by. 
This will be a short post, since I don't have much to say... 
I am currently sitting in my boyfriends room in his great big apartment in the great big city of Los Angeles, listening to records, drinking wine and hanging out and junk. I have a few rolls of film I need to develop but until then, I have a few from Santa Barbara scenery stuff. Nothing too exciting. 

I am enjoying Isla Vista and the wonderful little unique city it is, I know God has a purpose for me in this place. Proverbs 3:5-6 

This girl is one of my favorites, I love her. Alexia Delgado is beautiful in every way, and the funniest person I know. Check out her blog, I love her pictures & all her thrifty finds! 

What is everyone dressing up for Halloween? I'm going to a Super Hero vs. Super Villain party and can't think of anything. Any ideass?? 
Have a FUN and SAFE Halloween weekend everyone ♥ 


  1. That last photo is brilliant (they all are, really!) Have a wonderful day !

  2. nice way to spend your time : )
    i like alexia's blog!
    & i love the photo of her. where was that "hope" background?
    & what were you for the party??

  3. i like the comment above, thank you lina! :)
    i really do want to go to get ice cream at mcDonaldss. haha, but NO dipped cones. those are trouble. cant' wait till tomorrow! :)


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