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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Apparently you can't get film developed just anywhere now, they send it out somewhere and you get it back in a week... ? What happened to 1 hour photo places?? Maybe it will be all that more exciting, waiting in angst for your film to be returned, not in an hour but in a week, maybe?

I have been obsessed with this band, Alabama Shakes for about a month now and I finally went to Amoeba and purchased their record Boys & Girls. I have not stopped listening to their album, I may need to change the needle on my record player soon. They're up for a Grammy nomination for best new artist, I have a feeling they are about to explode!

My birthday was last Friday, I am now 24 years old. I had a really wonderful birthday, I felt very loved and appreciated by all of the people who care about me (work friends & clients too) and I am thankful for each person in my life. Life has been kind, for once. 

My boyfriend and I went to breakfast at Cafe Stella for my birthday, which we also went to for dinner for our 8 year anniversary! So basically, we love this place and even better we can walk there from our apartment in Silver Lake, love.love.love! We spent last Saturday at UniqueLA - it was like an Etsy dreamland with free cocktails, heaven. 

I am excited that it is Christmas time, I wish December would last for two months - for the weather, Christmas lights, holiday drinks, coats and scarfs, and the joyous spirit in the air.  

While I am waiting to develop my film (still) I'll share more iPhone photos, for now. 


  1. Happy belated birthday!!

    <3 Melissa

  2. i think if you had more pictures and a little more writing i would have started crying while reading this. band of horses was playing in the back, and it was just so emotional. i am weird, i know.
    love you!


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