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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh, concert season I love you. You force me to buy band t-shirts and make me broke, but I love you. I have this thing, where I have to buy a t-shirt from every concert I go to (unless they're overpriced, like over $25 is too much). I really only wear them to bed, but I just have to have a t-shirt, I can't help it. 
Last week my friends and I saw The Postal Service (eek!) and Sigur Ros in the same week, both amazzing. We saw Sigur Ros in Santa Barbara on Friday night, it was one of the most amazing experiences, the shirts were $35 so I'm still a little sad about that.

We made our way up to Solvang on Saturday morning to eat lunch and start a wine tasting adventure in Los Olivos! It was my friend Cami's birthday (she's the cute one, with the awesome backpack bag below) so we wine tasted until we were dancing with strangers and lighting sparklers in the night. 

lol at these cool kids

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  1. oh how fun carissa! i've been wanting to see sigur ros..lucky lucky girl! i bet they were amazing liveeee!! i've been trying to make my way up to solvang! hopefully soooon. aaand you're so cute!

    p.s. thanks for the kind words! school has been stressing me out like no other! do you mind me asking where ya went to university? somewhere here in so cal??

    1. Nataly! Thank youuu, Sigur Ros was so amazing live, one of the best concerts!

      I went to UCSB, it was ehhokay. Much more of a beachy vibe (very beautiful area) but I'm more of a city girl but it was nice to kind of escape there for school and come down to LA on the weekends. I liked it. Where are you going to school, are you in Fullerton?

    2. ahhh! I bet it was amazing! lucky lucky!

      and ohhh! okay, the party school, eh? ;D haha I got accepted there but ucla has always been my top choice! and yep! well..I live close to fullerton but have been going to fullerton college. but now that i'm most likely moving to LA lets hangggg!!

    3. Ahh congrats on UCLA!! I spent most of my college days hanging out there (my boyfriend went there) & I took a few classes for summer school, love love ucla!! I'm so excited for youu! :) YES, let's hang out when you're in LA!!

  2. Beautiful photos! And concert season = YES. I am a terrible musician for not going to concerts; I'm obsessed with music and band tees but I can't seem to go to a concert. GAH. But someday!! :)

  3. i'm really jealous of your concert weekend! i somehow keep missing everyone i want to see. boo.

  4. lovely photos! i most certainly enjoyed my time in the sunny state, thank you, and your pictures just make me want to go baaaack! <3


  5. Haha, I'm exactly the same! I always buy concert t-shirts, I just have to since it's tradition now, but I think I've only ever worn them to bed or exercising (which doesn't happen to often I'm afraid). I love concert season...


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